1895erection of the commune
Wilda power station building
1904opening of the Grobla
central power station
and restrictionof operation
of the Wilda power station
1910termination of operation 
of the Wilda power station
1918lease of the building
to Konstanty Lange
that opens a cheese
and dairy factory
1922illegal sublease of 
the building to Józef Bilski 
for a "tobac factory"
1922-1928lease of the building 
to the company "Inskropol"
1929-1931selection of a new lessee –
Stanisław Słupczyński
who opens the First Great
Poland Art Bronze-Silver
Works and Art Bronze Foundry
1934management of the building
by the Department
of Social Weldfare;
organisation of a shelter
for the homeless
1939-1945adaptation of the building 
for public baths
1945management of the building
by the Epidemiological
and Sanitary Station;
formation of a sanitary
material storage and a flat.
1990-ca.1995sale of PVC and electric
Ca.1995-2006gradual degradation
of the unused building
2006rise of the SPOT. idea,
preparation of documents,
designs, agreements 
and permits necessary 
to commence repair 
and adaptation works 
by Monika Sadowska
and Agnieszka Bulić.
2007commencement of
revitalisation works
2008SPOT. opening


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