Workshops terms

1. Workshops at the SPOT. to EAT Culinary Academy are organised by SPOT sp. z o.o. sp. k. with its head office in Poznań at ul. Dolna Wilda 87, hereinafter referred to as the organiser.
2. Workshops are held at the SPOT. to EAT Culinary Academy in Poznań, ul. Dolna Wilda 87.
3. The service is of a catering and entertainment nature and as such the user who is a consumer is not entitled to the right to withdraw from a contract pursuant to Article 38 paragraph 12 of the Consumer Rights Act dated 30 May 2014.
4. Information pertaining to workshop subjects, dates and costs is published each time on the website. For availability of workshop places please see the aforementioned website.
5. The number of workshop places is limited and determined by the organiser.
6. In purchasing a place at a workshop a participant accepts the workshop particulars as published on the website: date, price, subject and instructor.
7. To book a place at a workshop please use the form available next to each event published on the website. In exceptional circumstances bookings can be made by sending an e-mail to
8. In signing up for a workshop a participant accepts the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
9. Workshop participants cancelling their participation no earlier than 7 days before the workshop date shall be refunded in full by the organiser within 7 working days of notifying the organiser of the cancellation. All cancellations should be sent by e-mail to Money shall be refunded according to the original payment method.
10. Participants failing to turn up for the workshops without cancelling their participation in advance or those cancelling their participation less than 7 days before the agreed upon workshop date shall be refunded in full by the organiser within 7 working days of notifying the organiser of the cancellation or within 7 working days from the day following the workshops. However, in such circumstances, the participant shall pay the organiser a contractual penalty amounting to the fill price of the purchased workshops. Payment of the contractual penalty shall take place in the form of a deduction from the amount refunded to the participant pursuant to sentence 1.
11. The organiser reserves the right to cancel the workshops at any time. In such circumstances the participant reserves the right to withdraw from the contract and receive a refund of the incurred costs or alternatively may sign up for the same or different workshops at another date. The organiser shall refund the amounts paid by a participant within 7 days of receiving the participant’s withdrawal notice.
12. If a participant is unable to attend workshops they may designate a different person to take their place. The participant shall notify the organiser of such a change by e-mail to no later than 1 day before the scheduled date for the workshops in question.
13. A participant may purchase gift invitations for the culinary academy. Two types of invitations are available:
a) invitation for a specific workshop scheduled for a given date; the cost of such an invitation depends on the price of the workshop in question.
b) an open invitation, valid for 6 months from the purchase date; the recipient can choose a particular workshop of interest to them.
Both invitations are available in paper or electronic formats. A participant may purchase invitations in person at SPOT. reception during restaurant opening hours, via e-mail ( or via the website.
14. Participants undertake to observe basic hygiene principles during workshops.
15. Participants shall inform the organiser of any infectious diseases they are suffering from as well as allergies and any health issues which might have an impact on their wellbeing and the wellbeing of other workshop participants. Provision of such information does not release the participant from observing hygiene and nutrition principles dictated by the participants state of health.
16. Each and every participant aware of their state of health and agreeing to take part in the workshops shall follow nutrition principles which will not be harmful to their wellbeing. If in any doubt as to the content of the dishes being prepared and used ingredients please consult the organiser via e-mail ( or the workshop instructor during the workshop itself.
17. The workshop price includes a group session with an instructor, products and tools used by the participants, printed recipes and the use of an apron.
18. Participants shall be liable for any damage inflicted during the workshop both to themselves and other participants as a result of negligence or careless, thoughtless behaviour.
19. Participants shall not bring their own foodstuffs or drinks to the workshops without the organiser’s express permission.
20. Minors can only take part in workshops accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
21. The organiser reserves the right to amend the terms and Conditions s at any time. Any such amendment shall not apply to participants who have already purchased a place at workshops, unless they agree to be subject to such an amendment.
22. The Terms and Conditions do not exclude nor limit any pf the participant’s consumer rights. In the event of any discrepancies between the Terms and Conditions and regulations as in force at present as applicable to consumers, the regulations shall prevail.
23. In the event of doubts, complaints, appeals or issues with the provided service, participants are asked to contact the organiser via e-mail ( Complaints shall be considered by the organiser on an individual basis subject to any submitted reservations and circumstances prevailing at the time.