The Culinary Academy combines thorough knowledge with the pleasure of group cooking. Here a lot of credit is due to experienced chefs, acknowledged culinary bloggers and cooking enthusiasts.

Apart from culinary workshops the academy also holds wine, cheese making, beer brewing and pickling courses. The academy's services are addressed to those starting their adventure in the kitchen, individuals looking for new culinary ideas and challenges as well as those looking to brush up on their cooking skills.

Participants of the culinary academy's workshops discover new flavours from around the world, follow tried and tested recipes and discover the secrets of culinary art, often only known to experts. They also have an opportunity to meet with a group of friends and cook supper together, optionally accompanied by a chef - be it for a special occasion (such as a birthday, name day or a hen night) or without one.

The academy is also available for private hire for your own, independent culinary experiments, photo shoots or perhaps for corporate social events or training workshops.

  • Tomasz Kramer

    Tomasz Kramer

    Tomasz Kramer - a sommelier with a track record of a dozen or so years; Tomasz worked for the Accor chain and Wine Bar Mielżyński; he is a member of the Polish Sommelier Association, an active supporter and promoter of Polish wines; Tomasz works at SPOT. where every day he recommends wines to guests from a selection recognised by Magazyn Wino between 2013 and 2018 (Gran Prix in 2014 and 2017).

  • Marta Dymek

    Marta Dymek

    Marta Dymek – author of the cult "Jadłonomia" blog and books under the same title; Marta works with culinary magazines and also hosts her own show aired on Kuchnia+; she loves baked aubergines, doesn't always have the patience to grind curry pastes but is always enthusiastically adamant that a plant based diet can be an endless source of inspiration.

  • Paweł Zasławski

    Paweł Zasławski

    Paweł Zasławski – a chef who has worked in some of Poznań's best restaurants (such as Muga) and then, as a chef de cuisine, Paweł put together a menu at the Kuchnia i Strych restaurant; winner of the "Kucharz Odkrycie Roku 2015" in a plebiscite held by the Kuchnia magazine, he currently runs the kitchen at the Monka restaurant in Toruń; Paweł loves meat (beef in particular) and fish.

  • Maia Sobczak

    Maia Sobczak

    Maia Sobczak – author of the "Qumam kaszę" blog, a psychologist, therapist (Chinese medicine) and a consultant (Ayurveda); Maia is a frequent guest on television shows, she co-wrote Szkoła na widelcu's book and wrote a number of books by herself; Maia believes that love – the best of spices – is hidden in the fine details and small gestures.

  • Adam Pawłowski

    Adam Pawłowski

    Adam Pawłowski – the first Pole amongst 250 people in the world with the Master Sommelier title; Adam perfected his skills over 6 years in the industry at the Northcote, a Michelin 1-star restaurant; Polish 2014 Sommelier Master, laureate of the 2017 Ars Coquinaria Catering Academy; lecturer at the Court of Master Sommelier as well as The Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

  • Maja Skorupska

    Maja Skorupska

    Maja Skorupska – passionate about supreme, simple, everyday slow foods; author of a popular culinary blog, laureate of numerous culinary contests, an English lecturer and a long distance runner; Maja is smitten with Italian cuisine and is able to draw the best from cuisines from all around the world.

  • Paweł Ochman

    Paweł Ochman

    Paweł Ochman – a scientist and a vegan for 26 years, when cooking Paweł is in his element, he finds peace in the kitchen; author of the popular "Weganon" blog and the "Pyszności z roślin" book; an avid confectioner, devout fan of Polish cuisine flavours cherished by our mothers and grandmothers, able to win over even the staunchest opponents with his unique plant based dishes.

  • Ina Rybarczyk

    Ina Rybarczyk

    Ina Rybarczyk – passionate about plant based cuisine, wheat free and without refined sugar; author of two books and the popular "Truetastehunters" blog where she shows that healthy and tasty food can go hand in hand; Ina is adamant that first and foremost cooking and eating should be a pleasure and should bring people together.

  • Ashmeet Singh

    Ashmeet Singh

    Ashmeet Singh – passionate about Asian food, an avid fan of Indian cuisine the secrets of which he discovered when his mother was serving traditional dishes at his family home in Delhi; Ashmeet has been travelling around Europe since 2012 and independently cooking his family cuisine specialities for friends and for himself; he loves home food and cannot imagine a life without cumin.

  • Sandra Sowińska

    Sandra Sowińska

    Sandra Sowińska - passionate about refined flavours and authenticity in cooking; Sandra has been cooking ever since she can remember, she grew up in a kitchen at her parents' restaurant. Sandra travels the world, however her heart is bent on Asia where she discovered the secrets of Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Philippine cuisines.

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